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Frozen Tissue Xtractor

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Frozen Tissue Xtractor Kit

Helps preserve sample quality and streamlines sample processing

The Tissue Xtractor is a handheld tool that can be used to extract small aliquots of frozen tissue. It provides workflow options for smaller throughput labs and helps preserve sample quality and sample integrity by eliminating the thaw cycle.

The Tissue Xtractor kit includes: One (1) handheld Tissue Xtractor, six (6) bags of nuclease-free coring probes, one (1) metal tissue tray holder, one (1) probe chilling nest, and one (1) dry ice bucket. Optional items include a cryostat adapter with plastic tissue trays.

Product features

Eliminates Thawing

The Tissue Xtractor hand tool eliminates the thaw cycle, preserving labile molecules.


The Tissue Xtractor hand tool can be used with a range of frozen tissue types and sizes. Contact us for more details on compatibility.

Targeted Coring

With the Tissue Xtractor hand tool, you can target and core specific sections of tissue for downstream analysis. No more slicing tissues by hand.

For Downstream Analysis

The Tissue Xtractor hand tool can be used to extract small volume aliquots of up to 40mgs for downstream analysis.

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