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Why the ACT Label Matters

The importance of ACT labels

When purchasing laboratory products

The ACT label, which stands for Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency, was developed by My Green Lab to provide critical information about the environmental impact of laboratory products. It is the first sustainability certification label for products of this kind. Laboratory products are audited by an independent third-party organization called Sustainability Made Simple according to a set of criteria called the Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) criteria.

These criteria were developed with input from scientists, sustainability directors, procurement specialists, and manufacturers, resulting in the most comprehensive product labeling program for the life science industry. So far, Micronic has received ACT labels for two of their products: the 1.40ml screw cap tube with internal thread and the 4.00ml screw cap tube with external thread.

Product Downloads

  • Tubes with Internal Thread 2D Data-Matrix Coded Download
  • Tubes with External Thread 2D Data-Matrix Coded Download

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