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SPL Guard Arizona

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The intuitive thawing station

Guarantees the most even and intuitive thawing

The SPL Guard Arizona is a unique thawing station for uniform and fast thawing of samples. The Arizona thaws a complete rack from -80°C to 5°C in only 6 minutes. The SPL Guard Arizona stops thawing when the desired temperature is reached and confirms this with a beeping sound. The thawing station is compatible with a wide range of SBS-format racks from different brands, such as Micronic, Azenta Life Sciences, Matrix and LVL Technologies.

The main advantage is that only ambient air is used for thawing, where the real-time temperature data on the display during thawing cycle provides process insights. The automatic stop (indicated with beeping sound) when the calibrated temperature has been reached ensures that samples can be processed more quickly for downstream use. SPL Guard Arizona is energy efficient, with a cycle time of only 6 minutes from fully frozen at negative 80 degrees centigrade, to positive 5 degrees.

The sustainable thawing station

Utilizes only ambient air

The fact that the Arizona thawing stations use simply ambient air make them highly energy efficient, saving you money that would have been spent on the electricity bill. Additionally, it of course lifts some of the tremendous burden that rests nowadays on our planet. Consider today one of the fastest and most innovative thawing stations on the market.

Product Features

Clear screen

The SPL Guard Arizona is the most intuitive thawing station on the market. With a built-in screen and audible alerts incorporated; this gives you complete control over the defrosting of your samples.

Uniform thawing

The Arizona’s high-tech fans provide extremely uniform thawing of your samples in racks, allowing for immediate down-stream research. Only ambient air is used in this process.

Fast Thawing

The SPL Guard Arizona is one of the fastest thawing stations on the market, with a defrost speed of only 6 minutes per rack.


The Arizona uses only ambient air for its fans, making this station extremely economical and sustainable. Lower your impact on our earth today with this innovative thawing station.

  • Compatibility Standard SBS format racks
  • Sustainability Energy efficient
  • Cycle time 6 minutes (from -80°C to 5°C)

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