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Scinomix VXi – Bulk Tube Feeder

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The Scinomix VXi

A bulk tube feeder that pairs with the Scinomix tube labellers


The Scinomix VXi is a bulk tube feeding system that automatically carries tubes into the Sci-Print VX2 and Sci-Print VXL tube labellers. By using optical sensors to determine the orientation of each tube, the VXi expedites the labelling and racking process.

The VXi is compatible with tubes ranging from 8mm to 28mm in diameter and has a throughput of up to 400 tubes per hour. It can handle internal and externally threaded tubes as well as capped and uncapped tubes.

To use the Scinomix VXi, just follow these easy steps:

  • Load hopper with tubes
  • Select tube size
  • Let tubes be sorted + conveyed into labelling system
  • Let tubes be picked up, labelled, racked by labeller
  • Add optional modules for uncapping/recapping, dispensing, and barcode scanning

Product features


The Scinomix VXi can handle multiple tube types and sizes, ranging from 8mm to 28mm in diameter.


The Scinomix VXi is a compact device that eliminates the need to hand-load racks, saving time and energy.

Budget Friendly

The Scinomix VXi helps you save money by giving you the opportunity to purchase tubes in bulk.


The Scinomix VXi has an LCD screen that you can use to quickly and easily access the software settings.

  • Tube compatibility 8mm to 28mm in diameter
  • Throughput Up to 425 tubes/hour with VX series labellers
  • Air requirements 80-90 PSI at 1 CFM
  • Pairs with the VX2 and VXL fully automated labellers

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Product downloads

  • Scinomix VXi - Bulk Vial Handler Download

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