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Dispendix I.DOT

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Non-Contact Liquid Handler

The Dispendix I.DOT liquid handler is designed for ease of use, making it accessible to anyone regardless of their automation experience. With exceptional precision and speed, the instrument can transfer volumes as low as 8 nL, while reducing your laboratory’s plastic and reagent consumption.

The I.DOT liquid handler provides unparalleled precision and ease of use for efficient and reproducible sample preparation, regardless of whether you’re dispensing enzymes and beads for NGS or qPCR, or adding cells, compounds, and buffers for Assay Development or High-throughput Screening.

Real-time Volume Verification

When EVERY DROP Counts

Droplet Detection

The I.DOT stands out as the sole liquid handler to possess droplet detection capabilities and is equipped to detect when users exhaust their source liquid while simultaneously verifying the dispensing volume. I.DOT’s patented DropDetection feature detects and tallies every droplet dispensed during a single run, integrating droplet detection to offer researchers an unmatched level of process safety. Consider the advantages of knowing the exact volume transferred for every transfer with an impressive 8 nL resolution.

I.DOT’s software Assay Studio optimizes protocol creation, and users can easily import CSV files to create more complex protocols. It is automation-friendly and integrates with any third-party scheduler.

Dispensing Plates To Meet Your Low and High-throughput Needs


The I.DOT dispensing plates are engineered to support a diverse range of liquids, including aqueous solutions containing salts and reagents for qPCR assays, DMSO up to 100%, Matrigel, and other commonly used liquids in labs. These dispensing plates can also effectively handle solvents such as methanol and acetonitrile. Moreover, the I.DOT dispensing plates excel in the precise dispensation of living cells, making it a valuable asset in cell culture research.

It is important to note that the I.DOT dispensing plates are specifically designed to be utilized with our I.DOT non-contact dispensing systems.

Product features

Reaction Miniaturization

With precise transfers down to 8 nL, DISPENDIX LiquidHandlers enable reaction miniaturization, allowing researchers to run up to 10x as many samples for the same cost to their lab.

Low dead volume

With a 1 μL dead volume, no other product enables researchers to transfer their compounds, reagents, and buffers in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

Speed & Flexibility

With the ability to dispense a reagent to 384 wells in seconds rather than minutes, DISPENDIX is changing the way researchers think about the automation of their genomics and drug discovery workflows.


I.DOT is a premier solution for noncontact liquid handling tasks. Optimizing your workflow to bring intuitive automation, precision, and speed to every lab.

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Dispendix I.DOT

The I.DOT liquid handler provides unparalleled precision and ease of use for efficient and reproducible sample preparation regardless of your automation experience.
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