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Riplate Square Wells

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Maximum Capacity Utilization

Riplate Square Wells

A Riplate Square Wells by Ritter Medical

Riplate® SW (square wells) have been developed for optimal use of capacity when it comes to sample storage. Due to the SBS-format the outside dimensions of Riplate are given. Form follows function: the construction of cavities is crucial for a maximum absorption of liquids. Thin-walled and parallel cavities ensure a maximum of contamination free sample storage per well. Every Riplate® SW has an alphanumeric marking.

In addition we offer the Riplate® SW Dilution Strips, this is a strip consisting of eight square wells with a volume of 2ml.

A range of Riplate 384 by Ritter Medical

Product features


The panels are manufactured to the standard SBS format and suitable for automatic systems.


Specially developed for optimal use of capacity.


The construction of cavities is crucial for a maximum absorption of liquids.


The alphanumeric coding helps in the registration and identification of individual samples.

  • Resistance High
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Coding Alphanumeric
  • Material High-quality polypropylene
  • Format Standard SBS format
  • Shape U- or V-bottom

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