Novitain 50-well rack

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Securely seal samples for short-term storage

Compatible with the Novitain Capcluster-50 and Novitain Manual Capper CV750

A Novitain 50-well rack filled with precapped tubes

The lightweight Novitain Rack positions 50 sample collection tubes in such a way that is exactly compatible with the Novitain Capcluster-50. The rack is compatible with automated pre-analytical systems and has an open well side design to ensure equal temperature for all tubes during cooled storage.



A close-up of tubes in a Novitain storage rack

Product features

Economical Solution

The Novitain Rack offers an economical solution for the temporary storage of sample collection tubes in a 50-well format.


The Novitain rack by Micronic is automation-friendly and compatible with different pre-analytical systems.

Optimal design

The Novitain rack has an open well side design to ensure equal temperature for all tubes during the freeze-thaw process.


Novitain caps are produced in a certified class-7 clean room and resist chemical solvents. They are also RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free.

  • Material Polypropylene
  • Quantity 10 racks per case
  • Dimensions 8.25" x 4.5" x 2.5"
  • Height of tubes in rack 85.5mm (with caps 86.5mm)

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