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CS100 Screw Cap Recapper

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Manually (de)cap screw cap tubes

Easily cap, decap, and recap screw cap tubes in seconds

The CS100 Screw Cap Recapper by Micronic being used to decap an externally threaded tube precapped with a grey screw cap

The Micronic Screw Cap Recapper CS100 line—only available at Micronic—is developed to improve the manual (de)capping of tubes. The CS100 manual recappers are available for 96-, 48- or 24-well format tubes with internal or external thread.

These cost-effective tools are set to a precise torque value, which means they stop turning when a perfect seal is established, thus ensuring an optimal sealing performance.

A Micronic 96-well format rack with lid being taken out of a freezer

Product features


Models of the CS100 are available for 96-, 48-, and 24-format screw cap tubes.

Optimal sealing quality

The CS100 uses a precisely determined torque value to stop turning when the perfect seal is established.

Ergonomic solution

The CS100 is an ideal (de)capping solution for both left and right-handed users.


A lightweight tool made from stainless steel, making it a reliable device for picking tubes from racks.

  • Tube compatibility 96-, 48-, 24-well format tubes
  • Models CS100 (96-format), CS110 (48-format), CS120 (24-format)
  • Cycle time Seconds
  • Size 5.11" x 1.18"

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