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AFYS3G Sigma STR Single Tube Capper

SKU: A20350

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Modern, intuitive and fast

Automate your lab

The Sigma STR has been designed for labs that would like to automate repetitive operations. Prevent repetitive strain injuries and speed up your work process with this handy device. You can cap a tube fully automatically within 7 seconds, with the hopper having a capacity of 500 caps. This allows you to keep capping for a very long time. With the precise tightening torque, tubes will always be optimally sealed. Furthermore, the Sigma is compatible with tubes of many different brands (Sarstedt, Micronic, Azenta, Greiner Bio-One) and a custom solution is possible if your brand is not listed.

Accelerate and ease your workflow

One move is enough

Equipped with a large color touch screen, you can configure all possible settings, including the type of tube and the brand. A slide slides out and you place the tube inside. That is the only action you need to take to get a tube sealed to a high standard, meaning you can save a lot of effort. Reduce manual errors and eliminate repetitive basic operations. The STR is also capable of counting the number of tubes that have been capped.

Product features

Caps a single tube in 7 seconds

The Sigma STR is designed to operate as quickly as possible, resulting in a capping cycle of just 7 seconds.

Compatible with all life science brands

The Sigma STR is compatible with tubes from leading life-science manufacturers, such as Sarstedt, Micronic, Azenta and Greiner Bio-One.

Can store up to 500 caps

Go for continuous capping action with the hopper that holds up to 500 caps. This way you can cap a lot of tubes in no time.

Equipped with a touch screen

For your convenience, the STR is equipped with a large touch screen, on which you can set all settings according to your wishes.

  • Сapping cycle 7 sec
  • Hopper capacity 500 caps
  • Touch screen
  • Dimensions 371 x 300 x 517 mm


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