A Micronic 96-well format rack with lid being taken out of a freezer
Sample Storage

Tubes, Caps, and Racks

  • A 1.10ml internally threaded tube precapped with a grey TPE push cap, a 1.10ml internally threaded tube precapped with a low profile screw cap, and a 1.10ml internally threaded tube precapped with a grey screw cap

    Sample Storage Tubes

    Internally and externally threaded tubes ranging from 0.30ml to 6.00ml in size

  • A red, blue, light green, and yellow screw cap ultra

    Sample Storage Caps

    Push caps or screw caps for internally threaded and externally threaded tubes

  • Micronic-96-2-Rack-with-blue-caps

    Sample Storage Racks

    96-well, 48-well, and 24-well format ANSI/SLAS racks

  • Micronic-Starter-Pack-Standard-Screw-Caps

    Starter Packs

    Test out our tubes, caps, racks, scanners, and (de)capping equipment before purchasing large quantities

  • A tube trial pack by Micronic

    Tube Trial Packs

    Get started with small packs of our hybrid tubes or standard Micronic tubes with internal or external thread

  • Ritter-Riplate-Magnetic

    Deep Well Plates

    For expertly and accurately preparing microscopic samples for downstream research

A rack of 48-well format Micronic tubes with lid being held in a class 7 clean room

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