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The Importance of Sample Tracking

When working with precious samples, it’s important to invest in systems that will help keep your lab organized and research on track. Without an efficient way to manage or track your samples, how will your team know where to retrieve them for analysis? With an automated system like the Sci-Print VX2 Tube Labeler or Sci-Print MP2 Plate Labeler, researchers can enhance sample traceability by eliminating the need to hand label tubes in the lab. Switching to an automated labeler means no more smeared ink, no more illegible data, and no more wasted samples – just increased traceability and productivity for your team.



The Importance of Sample Quality

Sample tracking systems are critical for a laboratory’s success, but they only tackle one piece of the puzzle. Sample quality is equally important. A sample tracking system can tell you where to find a sample, but what if that sample has been compromised or degraded over time? To prevent sample degradation, it’s critical to invest in labware that can withstand ultra-low temperatures for long term storage. The Micronic sample storage tubes are designed with these conditions in mind. They’re mechanically strong, have a low-binding surface, are RNase/DNase/pyrogen free, and have an inseparable code surface (ensuring absolute traceability). Micronic’s 2D Data-Matrix tubes range from 0.30ml to 6.00ml in size. They’re compatible with 138-well, 96-well, 48-well, and 24-well format ANSI/SLAS format racks and can be capped with a range of push caps and screw caps.



The Importance of Uniform Sample Thawing

Eventually – whether it’s weeks, months, or years in the future – your team will need to retrieve its’ samples for further analysis. When that time comes, you may need to thaw your samples, either individually or in full racks, for downstream work. Many defrosters or rack thawing stations cause uneven thawing and/or lead to unequal sample quality. With the SPL Guard Florida and SPL Guard Arizona rack thawing stations, researchers can thaw up to 10 racks of tubes (Florida) or individual racks of tubes (Arizona) in just 9 minutes or 6 minutes respectively. Samples are thawed quickly and uniformly with ambient air, allowing for the seamless transition of thawed samples directly into automated processes.



NBS Scientific is a distributor for the life science industry in the United Kingdom. We offer a wide range of labware and equipment that can help optimize the sample tracking, sample storage, and sample preparation processes in your lab.

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