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FAQ: (de)Cappers

What kind of labware works with the Sigma96?

The Sigma96 is compatible with 96-well ANSI/SLAS format racks from brands like Micronic, FluidX, LVL Technologies, and Thermo Fisher. Other versions are available for 48-well format tubes and racks (Sigma48) and 24-well format tubes and racks (Sigma24).

More from (de)Cappers

The RapidCAP2 can cap and decap cryovials ranging in size from 0.50ml to 2.00ml.

To work in the cap hopper, caps must be wider than their depth.

The cap hopper can hold up to 1,000 screw caps to allow for more walk-away time.

The RapidCAP2 has a capping throughput of 4.75 seconds per tube and a decapping throughput of 4.75 seconds per tube.

The RapidCAP2 is a plug-and-play system. Before delivery, Scinomix configures the RapidCAP2 according to the user’s needs, minimizing the setup time required at their facility.