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FAQ: Frozen Aliquotters

How long does the LN2 last when operating the CXT 353?

Once the instrument is up to temperature, you have a working time of 1 hour before the next fill. The refill time depends on the evaporation of the LN2. If your lab is warm and the humidity is higher, the LN2 evaporation will be faster. If your lab is colder and the humidity is lower, the LN2 evaporation will be slower. You do not need to refill the LN2 tank until the temperature read goes below -80C.

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The CXT 353 can core a wide range of sample types including tissue, feces, serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and other biofluids.

The CXT 353 can be used in several areas of research within the life science industry. Research areas include: bioanalysis to preserve biomolecular integrity, microbiome research to preserve integrity of fecal samples, molecular pathology to enhance tissue processing, and biobanking to increase sample utility and access to rare samples.

The CXT 353 works with a wide range of tubes and sample containers. Adapters can be customized to fit individual tube/container types.

The CXT 353 can extract up to 5 frozen aliquots from a single 2.00ml vial.

The LN2 tank is a 5-liter tank – it holds up to 4 liters of LN2.