Looking for methods to store RNA at room temperature?

Need a way to store RNA at room temperature without risking your precious samples against all RNAses and exposure to oxidation? GenTegra’s innovative solution, RNAssure, offers a breakthrough answer!

GenTegra, a pioneering American company, specializes in manufacturing a range of stabilization products tailored to protect samples during transportation and long-term sample storage. Whether you are collecting samples for sequencing, NGS or pre-analytics, the products of GenTegra are designed to protect your samples, all whilst eliminating the reliance on freezers. The products of GenTegra help you expand your research possibilities.

RNAssure by GenTegra

RNAssure represents the pinnacle of sample protection from the moment of isolation. Leveraging its patented Active Chemical Protection (ACP chemistry, RNAssure extends the shelf life of RNA to a remarkable extent. It ensures RNA protection for at least 3 days at room temperature and up to 2 weeks at 4°C.

Flawless integration

RNAssure isn’t merely a storage solution for RNA; it seamlessly integrates with various purification and extraction kits offered by leading life science brands. This means that GenTegra’s innovation fits seamlessly into existing laboratory workflows, enhancing efficiency and reliability. If you’re seeking enhanced RNA storage methods, consider integrating GenTegra’s workflow-friendly labware into your research.