Increase Productivity with Scinomix Tube Labeling!

Looking for a way to optimize the workflow in your lab? With the semi-automated and fully-automated tube labeling systems from Scinomix, you’ll spend less time labeling, capping, and filling tubes by hand and more time focusing on the most critical tasks in the lab. Ready to learn more? Just chat with us online or send us an email with your questions. We look forward to meeting you!


Introducing Scinomix: Tube and Plate Labeling Solutions

At NBS Scientific, we now offer the full line of Scinomix products: from semi-automated (single tube) labelers to fully-automated (whole rack) labelers to microtiter plate labelers, we’ve got it all. Chat with us today and let us know how we can help!

Sci-Print VX2

The Sci-Print VX2 is a fully-automated tube labeling system that can label up to 425 tubes per hour. With a 6-position work deck, the VX2 can print and apply labels to a range of tubes from 0.50ml to 50.0ml in size. It can also be configured to sort racked tubes, receive bulk tubes, fill tubes and/or scan 2D barcodes.

Sci-Print SOLO

The Sci-Print SOLO is a semi-automated tube labeling device that can label up to 15 individual tubes in 60 seconds. With the Sci-Print SOLO, researchers can label a wide range of tubes from 0.50ml to 50.0ml in size. The Sci-Print SOLO can be used as a stand-alone instrument or integrated into a larger automated environment.

Sci-Print MP2

The Sci-Print MP2 is a semi-automated device that can print and apply labels to a range of microtiter plates for sample tracking. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a fully-automated plate handling system. With a rotating, height-adjusting platform, the MP2 has the flexibility to print on all sides and two vertical levels of a microtiter plate or deep well block.