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Automated Labeling in the Lab

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With a semi-automated or fully-automated tube labeler in the lab, researchers can eliminate hand labeling tubes from their workflow. That means: higher print quality, more consistent label placement, less manual labor, and more walk away time for you and your team.

The Sci-Print VX2 from Scinomix is a fully-automated tube labeling system that can print and apply labels to a range of tubes from 0.50ml to 50.00ml in size. It has a 6-position work deck that can accommodate up to 600 tubes and a throughput of 400 tubes per hour. Other modules can be added to the standard VX2 for filling tubes, scanning barcodes, and/or receiving bulk tubes.

For lower throughput labs, the Sci-Print SOLO is available. Researchers can use this device to manually label tubes ranging from 0.50ml to 50.00ml in size.

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The Scinomix Universal gripper module is an attachment to the Sci-Print VXL and VX2 tube labelling systems, which allows them to grip onto a wide variety of sample storage tubes without having to change grippers in between sessions.
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Sci-Print SOLO

The Sci-Print SOLO is a semi-automated tube and vial labeler that can label tubes and vials ranging in size from 0.5 mL to 50 mL.
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The Scinomix VXi is a bulk tube feeding system that automatically carries tubes into the Sci-Print VX series tube labellers.
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