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A versatile bead beater

For fast and efficient grinding and homogenization of samples

A close-up of the UPHO by Geneye

The Upho by Geneye is a versatile bead mill device designed for rapid high-throughput and efficient disruption and homogenization of samples. It comes with a wide range of sample adapters providing sample flexibility as well as delivering reliable and consistent, high quality results.

The UPHO sample homogenizer by Geneye

Product features


With the UPHO, researchers can process up to 64 samples simultaneously in 1 minute.


The UPHO has a user-friendly interface that can operate samples at cryogenic and room temperatures.

High-integrity samples

With the UPHO, researchers can ensure no cross-contamination occurs between operations.


The UPHO can be used for DNA, RNA, and protein extraction, cell disruption, material dispersion, etc.

  • Technology Bead beating
  • Homogenization frequency 1 - 70 Hz
  • Acceleration 2 seconds to reach max speed
  • Power requirement 220 - 240V
  • Relative humidity 70%
  • Maximum noise emission 65dB

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Product downloads

  • Geneye UPHO - Ultimate Sample Homogenizer Download
  • Geneye UPHO - Cell Disruption Procedure Download
  • Geneye UPHO - Technical Note Download