Save Big on Essential Lab Equipment

With the start of a new quarter, we’re offering a brand new set of summer promos! Get free products and save more money when you purchase a TPE Auto DecapperCS700 Screw Cap RecapperVitl heat sealer, or CAPP centrifuge today. Offers are valid through September 30, 2020. Please see below for more details.


Free Electric Capper

Receive a free CP600 Push Cap Capper when you purchase the CP620 Push Cap Decapper from Micronic.


The CP620 is an electric decapper that can decap a full rack of 96-well push cap tubes up to 1.40ml in size in less than 8 seconds. The CP620 has a user-friendly interface and can operate as a stand-alone unit or be integrated into a fully automated environment.


The CP600 is an electric capper that can cap 96-well format push cap tubes with TPE capmats, capbands, and capclusters. To use, simply pull out the drawer, set the rack of tubes on the surface, place caps on the tubes, then push the drawer in to cap the tubes automatically.

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Free Adapter and Microplate Seals

Receive a free adapter and pack of 100 seals when you purchase the Variable Temperature Sealer (VTS) from Vitl.

Variable Temperature Sealer

The Variable Temperature Sealer from Vitl is designed to consistently seal plates in low to medium throughput laboratories. With simple touch pad controls, a clear display screen, and an audible alarm that indicates sealing pressure, the VTS provides optimal control for consistent sealing.

Several sheets of 75um heat sealing film.

Heat Sealing Foils

The heat sealing foils from Vitl can be used to seal polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene microplates. Different seals can be used for different applications, including: water thermal cycling, long-term storage, PCR, high and low temperature storage, and solvent use.

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Free Full Rack Code Reader

Receive a free DR500 full rack code reader when you purchase a CS700 Screw Cap Recapper.

The CS700 Screw Cap Recapper by Micronic


The CS700 is an automated system that can cap, decap, or recap an entire rack of screw cap tubes in 30 seconds. When (de)capping, the CS700 uses a precise torque value for optimal sealing quality, minimizing sample evaporation while maximizing sample integrity.

A rack of 96-well format tubes being placed onto the Micronic DR500 Rack Reader


The DR500 is a full-rack reader that can rapidly and accurately identify a full rack of 2D coded tubes in 5 seconds. With the new Micronic Code Reader Software, the DR500 can give reliable code readings and be smoothly integrated into any laboratory sample database.

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Save on ALL Cap Centrifuges

Receive a 20% discount on any centrifuge from CAPP.

Capp Centrifuges

The Capp centrifuges are ultra-quiet and extremely compact for bench-top use. They also have a safety brake system and an intuitive interface to make operation quick and simple. Choose from several centrifuge options: clinical centrifuge, microcentrifuge, mini centrifuge, or refrigerated centrifuge.

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